The BricsCAD Family of CAD Software delivers more speed, power, flexibility and performance than ever, and will modernize the way that you use CAD tools.

BricsCAD Lite – Precision 2D Drafting Software

BricsCAD Lite is the best choice for 2D drafting work.

From simple schematics to office floorplans to complex dimensioned production drawings, BricsCAD Lite is a powerful tool every professional and casual designer/drafter will appreciate. Fully equipped with a comprehensive feature set, BricsCAD Lite is intuitive and easy to use.

Prices start at only $30/month.

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BricsCAD Lite
BricsCAD Pro

BricsCAD Pro – Modern 3D Modeling and 2D Drafting Software

BricsCAD Pro is the best choice for 3D work and 3rd party apps.

BricsCAD Pro is the right choice for users who want more power and more innovation on their desk (or laptop), and for those that need access to the hundreds of 3rd party application programs.

Prices start at only $60/month.

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Attention AutoCAD® Users:

You can be familiar with BricsCAD in an hour, and proficient in a day.

Free yourself. It’s easy to switch from AutoCAD to BricsCAD.

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BricsCAD is used worldwide by thousands of small, medium and large companies.

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