Site Planning Services

Property Data, Construction Site Assessments,
Site Plan Drawings for Permits

For Backyard Accessory Structures,
ADUs, and more.

Site Assessments

A smart first step for a residential accessory structure project! Site Assessments will save you time, reveal hard-to-find local building requirements, and help eliminate costly planning and building mistakes.

Site Plan Drawings

An aerial-view drawing of your property showing existing features. Widely accepted by building departments and HOAs’ for residential accessory building purposes.

Eliminate costly planning and building mistakes by knowing property details and building regulations.

You saved me from building a structure that could have been red-tagged.
Jane P., Homeowner
The homeowner already had a site plan and site assessment and we were good to go.
Stephen C., Contractor
RE Agent

My client was hesitant until I showed him proof.

Sarah L., Real Estate