Techevate Consulting

techevate consultingTechevate Consulting provides customized research, planning and execution services, including interim management to three types of technology companies:

  • Overseas companies wishing to enter and grow in the US market
  • US companies wishing to grow sales
  • Companies wishing to expand to markets outside the US

We also provide Consulting Services to companies or individuals wishing to learn more about the global Computer Aided Design (CAD) & Building Information Management (BIM) marketplaces.

Techevate Consulting is lead by seasoned executives with extensive global CAD and BIM experience, gained over the past 40 years. We remain actively involved in the industry and are fully aware of trends in technology, competitive positioning and emerging opportunities.

For Go-To-Market Services, we have the skills and experience necessary to communicate effectively with company management and to help them to succeed in their target market. We ensure that companies with great technology do not miss opportunities to successfully compete through lack of international business experience, or understanding of critical success factors.

Techevate Consulting helps launch and grow businesses, matching them with partners, investors and entrepreneurs as appropriate, while minimizing barriers involving legal and financial structures, communication, time zones, culture and marketing.

Most entrepreneurs are like technologists everywhere, extremely innovative, smart, driven and tireless. However, technology companies are often technology-strong but weaker on “Going To Market” experience such as business strategy, planning, marketing and sales. For all technology marketplaces, excellence in these disciplines is critical to ensure successful market entry.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between the innovative entrepreneur and the global marketplace. We do that by leveraging a knowledge base built over many years successfully working with direct, channel and online business models for business to business (B2B) products and services.

Our difference is our ability to add only the expertise needed to help build, grow and expand companies, usually as interim part-time management. Additionally, our international experience and network can help clients build larger aligned plans to expand.

For Consulting Services, we customize our offering for each unique client and offer a menu of services to most effectively add value.

We will only engage with companies where we can add value. Please contact us to begin an exploratory conversation.

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