What’s New In BricsCAD

Discover new features, tips and tricks, and more.

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What’s new in BricsCAD® Lite and Pro V21

Whats new in BricsCAD® BIM V21

Whats new in BricsCAD Mechanical V21

Arrays of Parametric blocks

AutoConstrain 2D Parametric Blocks

Undo changes per entity with the History Property

Visibility states of 2D and 3D Parametric Blocks


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BricsCAD Webinars

Learn everything you need to know about moving to the best .dwg-based CAD solution, BricsCAD.
These webinars are designed to help you get comfortable and productive as-fast-as-possible with the BricsCAD.

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It’s Easy To Replace Your Current CAD System with BricsCAD

The Power of BricsCAD: Modern CAD Performance

BricsCAD: Seeing is Believing

Moving to 3D with BricsCAD Direct Modeling

The Design-First Path to BIM

BricsCAD vs OtherCAD Network Licensing

Generative Design with Grasshopper in BricsCAD BIM

Enscape for BricsCAD: Real-Time Rendering and VR


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BricsCAD Tutorials

Learn everything you need to know to use BricsCAD. These videos provide BricsCAD beginners (and pros who want to learn more)
with the skills required to use BricsCAD effectively in any industry—Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing.

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BricsCAD User Reviews

Discover why some of the world’s largest companies have switched to BricsCAD.

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Connecting 2D and 3D at Mazda – BricsCAD

Learn How BricsCAD Makes Stages for Festivals and Musicians a Reality

Learn Why Prototyp Only Need One Software Package: BricsCAD

Learn Why Large Drawing Files Are Faster and More Stable with BricsCAD

Why Switching from 2D to 3D CAD Is Easier with BricsCAD

How Did Ecophos to Switch to BricsCAD in Less Than 1 Week?

Takamiya Group builds value with BricsCAD


Watch an example: Connecting 2D and 3D at Mazda – BricsCAD