I’m an AutoCAD® user. How long will it take me to be productive with BricsCAD®?

Literally minutes. Just install BricsCAD and go! We like to say that BricsCAD is “muscle-memory compatible” with AutoCAD.

How do you import AutoCAD .dwg files into BricsCAD?

Just open them directly! BricsCAD is a NativeDWG application that reads and writes .dwg directly.

Can BricsCAD read .DGN and .SHP files?

Yes – via SpatialManager™, a 3rd Party Application Program. SpatialManager™ is available for BricsCAD and AutoCAD at

Can BricsCAD read STEP, IGES, CATIA, Pro Engineer, Catia, Autodesk Inventor, Siemens PLM, Solid Edge, Solidworks and other CAD system files?

Yes, BricsCAD Communicator allows the import and export of these file types to BricsCAD.

What edition of BricsCAD do I need to work with 3rd Party Application Programs?

Most third party Applications require BricsCAD Pro. BricsCAD Classic has full Lisp support, while BricsCAD Pro and Platinum add .NET, BRX (BricsCAD Runtime Extension) and, on Windows platforms, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). If your application uses AutoLISP®, just load it into any version of BricsCAD and go!

Is there a way to view BricsCAD files without BricsCAD®?

Yes. Since BricsCAD reads and writes .dwg files, you can download and use Autodesk DWG TrueView™ directly from

If you need markup capabilities, Autodesk also offers Autodesk Design Review at no cost. Both of these applications work great with .dwg files from AutoCAD or BricsCAD!

How big is BricsCAD?

BricsCAD is a ~190 Mb installation download that takes about 400Mb of disk space when it is installed. This is great news for IT managers, because it saves disk space and makes for simpler, faster product deployments on their networks.

Will BricsCAD, with its small footprint, run on older hardware?

We’ve run current versions of BricsCAD on ten-year old laptop PCs with 2GB RAM, running Windows XP. This being said, we recommend current hardware, decent RAM allocations and current operating systems to ensure solid performance and supportability.

How often does a new version of BricsCAD come out?

Bricsys releases new major versions of the BricsCAD products once each year, in winter. Incremental versions of BricsCAD are available throughout the year for BricsCAD “All-in” Subscription customers. For more information, see

How does “All-in” Subscription work?

Pay $190 additional when you purchase a new license of BricsCAD, or $235 for an existing license, to enter the “All-in” program. You’ll get 24-hour Priority Product Support via e-mail, all product upgrades for a year, and a free copy of “Customizing BricsCAD” by Ralph Grabowski.

What happens after my year of “All-in” is over?

We’ll bill you $235. If you decide to renew, you’ll enjoy another year of “All-in”. If you don’t renew, you’ll simply go back to upgrade-on-demand status. Your software will continue to function normally, and you can upgrade as you wish – or not. It’s your call with BricsCAD “All-in”.

If I don’t go “All-in”, how can I upgrade my old BricsCAD version to a newer version?

You can upgrade any BricsCAD license, one-time, to a later version for a nominal fee. Your upgraded license then becomes your primary license, and you can upgrade it, one-time, for a nominal fee – just as you would expect. Oh, your CAD vendor has eliminated upgrades? #TryBricsCAD

What if I’m “All-in” but need an older version of BricsCAD to run a 3rd Party Application Program?

Users can always access earlier versions of BricsCAD if required to run / support a 3rd Party Application Program. Just ask us –

How do I get technical support for my BricsCAD products?

Bricsys are totally committed to product quality, and they want to know about any and all product issues. You should submit a product support requests via the Bricsys website at, and you’ll receive an email response within a few days.

If you’re an “All-in” Subscription customer, you’ll get an answer to your questions within 24 hours – another great benefit of being “All-in” with BricsCAD.

I have another CAD program, and the vendor won’t give me permission to re-authorize my older license on my new PC! How would Bricsys handle this?

Your BricsCAD® license is perpetual – you own it forever. As long as your BricsCAD software is compatible with your computer’s Operating System, you can install and run it. If you purchase “All-in” Subscription, you’ll always have access to the current (and earlier) versions of BricsCAD. #Easy

Can I network my BricsCAD licenses?

You certainly may. Network-licensed versions of all BricsCAD editions – Classic, Pro and Platinum – are available for a 50% up-charge from the All-in version of the software.

How does BricsCAD manage network licenses?

License management functionality is provided via the Reprise License Manager (RLM). Find out more about this technology at

Are BricsCAD network licenses geographically constrained, or can I “follow the sun” with them?

Today, you can “follow the sun” with BricsCAD network licenses under RLM. Bricsys reserve the right to change this behavior in future releases of BricsCAD.