How To Download and Install the BricsCAD Free Trial

Watch this short video to see how to download, install, and begin using the BricsCAD Free Trial in less than 3 minutes.

Free Trial FAQs

What’s the catch? 30 days of BricsCAD® Platinum for free?

There’s no catch. Give us some basic info about you, and you can enjoy BricsCAD V17 Platinum for 30 days for absolutely no cost. We will never spam you. We believe in win-win relationships.

Why should I download and try BricsCAD?

Most of the people who try BricsCAD buy BricsCAD. You were referred to us by a happy BricsCAD User, or you found us on your own – now we need to prove that.

I don’t know anything about BricsCAD. How do you expect me to learn it so that I can ‘try’ it?

Do you know AutoCAD®? If so, you already know BricsCAD. Nearly every AutoCAD command works in BricsCAD, and better yet – BricsCAD has features that AutoCAD doesn’t have. You’ll like them, too.

Am I going to have to import and export my AutoCAD® files, or what?

No! AutoCAD dwgs are BricsCAD dwgs, and vice-versa! BricsCAD V16 reads and writes dwg files directly, and is compatible with AutoCAD® versions from version 2.5 through 2016. BricsCAD leverages the Open Design Alliance’s Teigha® development platform, used by over 1,300 global software developers to build engineering application software.

How can BricsCAD® do everything that AutoCAD® does for so much less money?

Bricsys is a software development company, not a massive global corporation. The BricsCAD development teams focus on one thing – making BricsCAD great. And BricsCAD is desktop software that is perpetually licensed, unlike products from some of our competitors.

Why haven’t I heard about BricsCAD before?

BricsCAD is exceptionally popular in Europe, with hundreds of thousands of registered users. Techevate is a sales and marketing company in San Francisco, and we’re working to greatly expand the use of BricsCAD in the United States. We’re glad that we could introduce you to the next generation in .dwg-based CAD.

This sounds great – but I’m an engineer. I need facts, not hype.

We were waiting for that… have you heard of Ralph Grabowski? You can get a copy of his 250-page “BricsCAD® for AutoCAD® Users” PDF right here. For free. Gratis. No charge. Our gift to you.

OK, you’re wearing me down. What if I need help?

We’re here for you. You can reach us anytime via email or phone at 800-915-1509. After you buy BricsCAD, you’ll enjoy free priority email technical support from Bricsys, and rapid-response Premier support if you’re on “All-in” subscription. Even after you buy, we’ll still be here for you. We love success stories!

I’m ready. What’s next?

Watch the 90-second video here, if you want to see what’s next. Or, if you’re adventurous, simply click the button above to start the creation of your Bricsys account and the trial download. Whatever you do, don’t blink. The entire product installer is less than 200Mb – yes, 200 MEGABYTES. Modern _and_ lightweight.

Extend your BricsCAD free trial period another 30 days

Need more time to evaluate BricsCAD? Send us the email address you used to register your free trial and we will add another 30 days to your free trial period.

Please allow up to 24 hours to validate and activate your free trial extension.